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Friday, September 16th, 2022 4:18 PM

I have a neurological disability that means I can't understand people on the phone. How do I cancel my account?

I haven't used my Simplisafe system in about two years. I am homebound, so there's no reason to use it now. I can prove from my account records that it has not been turned on in a very long time, except briefly two or three times over that period to see if it still worked.

Simplisafe will NOT disable monitoring unless I call them, though I have explained the situation with my disability via chat, which is always difficult. Why can't I just disable my account online? All my info is there. I tried messing up my cc info to stop payments and the system wouldn't accept the changes. There's no way to delete the credit card on file with them. Do I need to report the card as stolen, maybe?

I asked the rep if they made accommodations for disabled customers and they ignored the question multiple times. I asked if they could contact me over text (the same phone number in their own system that they would call if the alarm went off) and they just kept saying they'd only help me if I called them.

Am I just stuck paying the monthly monitoring fee until my card expires? Do they send you to collections for stopping payments if they won't stop the monitoring service?

Thank you for any help!

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2 years ago

Hi @kellygreen ,

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation.

Yes, the primary way that we can process account cancellations is over the phone. That way, we can verbally confirm your Safe Word passcode on a recorded line.

However, we do have alternates for special situations. I'm forwarding your case to one of our senior specialists, and we'll make sure that you're taken care of!

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Hello @davey_d​,

I appreciate your post. A "loyalty supervisor" from Simplisafe did contact me using a good method on Friday afternoon, and I responded. It's now Wednesday afternoon, and I have still not heard back. From my side, there do not appear to have been any changes made to my Simplisafe plan/account. Is there some way to tell whether Simplisafe is going to cancel monitoring before the next charge?

Thank you!

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Hi @kellygreen ,

The same protocol -  with requiring a Safe Word passcode to confirm or make changes to your account - also prevents us from giving details on your account status on the Community. I believe our Support Supervisor reached out directly by email? That would be the best channel for more info on your case!

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Hello again,

The person was actually a "loyalty supervisor" according to their signature. I looked up the job description (there are current openings posted), and it sounded like that is actually a sales position. I still haven't heard back from them, and have cancelled my card at my bank's recommendation. So I suppose, on my end, it should hopefully now be resolved, though certainly not as cleanly as I would have liked.

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@kellygreen​ Hi Kelly, I am not sure you will see this but I also have issues talking on the phone and I wanted to recommend a cool service called Rodgervoice. It has helped me so much for things that I just have to make a phone call for. You can find it on google & play app store. It is a text to voice app where you dial the number and whatever is heard appears to you on the screen and you can type a response and then a voice  (female or male that you set in settings) speaks out what you type. It also has a dial pad for calls when you need to press a number and even an option to write text sentences in advance. Also, it can tell the caller to wait while you are typing if necessary. I think it is great and havent found an app to match what it does just yet. You cant hear it speak for you on your end but I called myself with it and the voice is clear even though automated. I am not affiliated with their company for sales or anything like that just thought it could help you out. Hopefully it does. Good luck to you.



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