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Monday, July 20th, 2020 9:31 PM

How to have my adult kids monitor a particular room every day.

First a disclaimer:  I'm old so oftentimes things don't click like they should. Meaning this is probably pretty simple but I'm not understanding how it's done. Is there a way to have one of them check a particular room each day to make sure I'm ok & haven't fallen. That would give me some peace of mind since it is sometimes days before either of them checks in. I've heard of older people falling & having to lay there for several days before anyone notices. I'm not interested in them having full view of the house but just a room that I would be sure to walk through each day. Thanks for your help.



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4 years ago

@ GaJoPa welcome to the forums  First, Simplisafe is not really geared to this type of need so you may want to look into some other type of product designed specifically for that.

That aside, you could set up a Simpicam in the room you want checked and provide access to your kids.  They could access the camera and make sure you are okay and talk to you through the microphone. Note it is still dependent on your kids checking in. Another possible way is for you to carry the key fob and set it for medical response.

Another basic way is to have a motion sensor in the room you walk through and set it to secret alert only. If your kids don't get an alert, then they know you were not in that room.

Again, none of these is ideal and if you were my father, I would insist you don't rely on them and get a monitoring device that is designed for this purpose.  Good luck.

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4 years ago

Thank you Captain11. I think I can take these suggestions & make them work. My next question is how do I give them access to a particular room?

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4 years ago

Depends on what path you're going to take.

If you went the way of the motion sensor just so they know you're moving around then they wouldn't necessarily even need to have the SS app installed. You'd put their phone number into your system so they would receive SMS/text notifications..

If you want them to be able to literally look in via a camera then I think it's full access or nothing.
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