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Monday, February 22nd, 2021 6:41 PM

How should my system behave without a plan?


So I cancelled my plan recently and my assumptions were, rightly or wrongly, that my system would behave as it did before but without live monitoring/police dispatch and not being able to control the system with the app. I'm fairly sure the phone operative said as much when I cancelled the plan. I have a motion sensor, cameras and door/window sensors. The system behaves very strangely since cancelling the plan. It's mostly the same as before *until* the camera loses wifi or power, at which point they come back online with the blue light permanently on and the shutters open.

Motion and notifications are enabled in the app, shutters are set to be open in home and motion active, closed in off.

1. Shutters are closed, light is off on the cameras
2. Turn the alarm on at Home, shutters open, blue light comes on as expected
3. Continue to stand in the room when the alarm enables, camera light starts flashing and motion alert is sent to phone
4. Go upstairs for a few minutes
5. Come downstairs, cameras now do nothing and no notification, room motion sensor trips the alarm
6. Turn the alarm off, shutters close and lights go off
7. Switch one camera off at the plug and turn back on (or turn off router). Shutter now permanently open with the blue light on
8. Enable alarm in home mode and instantly switch off, light goes off on camera and shutter closes again

This feels very buggy/unexpected behaviour either way. Why can't I close the shutters? Why do I get a motion notification initially but not when I re-enter the room? Why does it behave 'fine' until it loses power??

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