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Saturday, February 8th, 2020 3:58 AM

How Many "Subscribed" Cameras are Supported on the $24.99 Interactive Monitoring Plan?

Can anyone who is signed up on the $24.99/month interactive plan and has multiple SimpliSafe cameras tell me how many SimpliSafe cameras they have successfully "Subscribed" on their $24.99/month interactive plan?

I am on the $24.99/month interactive plan and have six cameras. However I am unable to "Subscribe" to more than four cameras at time. Two of the cameras show up on the SimpliSafe app as "Unsubscribed". I can live view the "Unsubscribed" cameras but they do not respond to or record events. They also do not store footage to the SimpliSafe cloud.

I have read about the monitoring plans on SimpliSafe website. I have called SimpliSafe Support. I have email SimpliSafe Support. I am getting conflicting information from SimpliSafe.

The SimpliSafe Website (under the "Choose Monitoring" Interactive Plan section) states: "Doesn't matter how many cameras you have. We'll record events from all of them, and store the footage for thirty days.''

When I called SimpliSafe Support I was told that I could add up to 10 cameras, but that only four "Subscribed" (cloud storage and event recording) cameras are included in the $24.99/month interactive plan. I was told that I could upgrade to additional "Subscribed" cameras at an additional cost through the app. But when I try adding a camera monitor plan to my account the app still will not allow more than four "Subscribed" cameras at one time.

When I emailed SimpliSafe Support their reply stated that the $24.99/month interactive plan includes up to ten "Subscribed" cameras. They asked me to try deleting and reinstalling the SimpliSafe App, logging out and logging back in to the SimpliSafe app and reinstalling the cameras. All of which I did... but no luck. The last SimpliSafe Support email suggested that that I call tech support. I'll call again tomorrow.

In the meantime I was just wondering if anyone here on the forum has more than four cameras "Subscribed" and working on their $24.99/month interactive plan.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.


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4 years ago

I have four indoor cameras and the video doorbell.  All show up in the app and online and record.

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4 years ago

I've purchased five cameras and one video doorbell from the same person at SimpliSafe.  I currently have just three cameras and the video doorbell hooked up, but just because I have not tried the other two.  

Nothing has ever been said to me about having more than four cameras.  And everything I've read is that currently, the limit is 10 cameras.

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4 years ago

I thought it was unlimited, but I only have three, including a doorbell camera. Did the price for up to $26.99 in December?? That's what I've been being charged since then.

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4 years ago

^ a slight change in monitoring service may have resulted in your state sales tax finally being collected.  This has been rolled out to customers in sales tax states for the last several months.

I don't believe the cameras are "unlimited" - I believe it's been posted that the limit is "up to 10", and SS3's total component allotment on the system is "up to 100".

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4 years ago

Although the cameras don't talk to the base, so don't count against the 100 sensor limit ( or the 41 sensor limit for SS2)

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11 months ago

Can two or more cameras record at the same time? It seems only one will record and the others only have a live feed. 

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@monty23psk I have a total of six cameras (doorbell, 2 outside, 3 Smart Alarm inside cameras) and all will record at the same time, when certain conditions are met. Examples: Alarm state, system armed/disarmed etc. If you are only having one, suggest you call support.

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