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Friday, December 21st, 2018 2:53 AM

How do I update my primary contacts and phone numbers?

When I set up my new SS system 2 days ago online, it would not allow me to enter the "Name" of my 2nd primary contact - only the phone number (which I thought was odd).  When I log into the Web to view my account online, there is absolutely no option for me to go in and change my primary contact list.  I've been sitting on hold on the phone for someone to answer from SS for 25+ minutes at this point...all I want to do is update my contact information myself - how hard is that???  I subscribe to the $15 service....I should not have to upgarde to the $24.99 plan to be able to change my contact information.  I'm beginning to think getting SS was a mistake....



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5 years ago

@bonkersghost, you will need the 24.99 plan to do what you want to do. In my opinion, its a great bargain for all that you get. Three options for your consideration:

1. Upgrade to the Interactive plan for 24.99. Config your system. Agree its worth it? Keep it.....
2. Upgrade to the Interactive plan for 24.99. Config your system. Not worth it, call SS, provide your safe word and downgrade. Your system is configured and you out 10 bucks
3. Call SS, get a RGA#, return the system and get your money back.

Good luck with your decision and happy holidays to you and your family.

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The Primary Contacts are of course the ones called in case of emergency. During an Alarm Event call, the operator doesn't particularly need to know your name, only your Safe Word passcode.

So the name under Primary Contact only really matters when our Customer Support gives you a call. There are ways around it, of course. For example, if the second name is for your spouse, and you share the same last name, you can simply put both of your names in. e.g.
First Name: William and Mary
Last Name: Orange

You can edit all of your Contact Info under the Monitoring tab of your SimpliSafe Dashboard (make sure to click Monitoring, and not the green Upgrade arrow next to it).

Johnny M.
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2 years ago

I am a user to this system. SimpliSafe does not have a "Edit Primary Contacts" tab. It is also not keyword searchable in the help page. I would think the key words, "Update my primary contacts" would have results. It has been my experience, they are great with sales, but not with customer service. They also never answered my chat. This could be because they sub-contract everything out across the globe.

I was able to find out how to do this myself. Go to the side panel. Go to Monitoring. Look for Primary Contacts.

Hope this helps

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