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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 4:33 AM

False alarm fee for malfunctioning motion sensor

I have just received a letter from the sheriffs office saying I owe $580 false alarm fine for a faulty motion sensor that was triggering the alarm while we were out of town I've reached tech support one month before this letter at this point i had to shut off the motion sensor completely because tech support was useless in assistance why am I paying for  a motion sensor that has been malfunctioning to the point I owe $580 in false alarm fees this is ridiculous this service is costing me money instead of saving!

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4 years ago

Did you not have them call you when the motion sensor malfunctioned?  So you could tell them not to call the sheriff?

I had a motion sensor "malfunction".  I got a notification on my phone, and then a call.  There was no external sensor tripped, and the cameras did not show anything, so I told them not to dispatch.  Thus no false alarm fee.

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 I got a notification on my phone, and then a call.

People miss calls and alerts for any number of valid reasons. It's entirely possible they just missed the call(s). There's a really short window to notice a missed call / alert and call them back.

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4 years ago

One thing I'd like to see (from all alarm companies) is the ability to only call the cops after 2 motion sensors pick up motion.  Have the alarm sound on the first one, but don't call the cops until the 2nd one.  This would probably end almost all false alarms.  If a house is done right there's a motion sensor in every room and bad guys are gonna roam.  You could also have 2 motion sensor per room.  I think this would help people with pets as well.  Especially considering motions should be your last line of defense.  They have to sneak by glass breaks and entry sensors first.  When we've had calls in the past that a motion sensor set off the alarm we check the cameras first, knowing that it's likely a pet if none of the outer perimeter sensors triggered first.  If all looks well we tell the answering service not to dispatch anyone.

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4 years ago

Hey.  This is a great idea.  I have most of my computer stuff in a home office that is protected by a motion sensor and entry sensors.  I am also going to pick up a glass break sensor for the office.  If they want to roam further in the house, they are going to run into a minimum of two motion sensors before hitting the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms.  I am also going to buy a motion sensor for the stairs.

The other "easier" way into the house is the basement, where I have entry sensors on each window and a motion sensor.  If they want anything other than basement junk, they are going to hit a minimum of two other motion sensors.

And your idea would also be good for if an animal occasionally sets off a motion sensor.

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2 years ago

I really like this idea.  It would almost certainly eliminate the false alarms from pets, assuming you have already fine tuned sensor placement and sensitivity to the point where you only very rarely see the pet trigger a sensor.  The chances of a double trigger in those cases would be vanishingly small.

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