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Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 5:58 PM

Don't believe the Refund Promise

There should be a topic of "SCAM" to chose from on this community site.  Bought two new outdoor cameras but returned them unopened.  Tracking shows warehouse received weeks ago.  Called customer service (always Philippines or somewhere in Asia) every couple of weeks - each time they promised it had been completed but still no refund.  Now they are going to try and get their corporate "Order Management Team" to issue me a check.  Can't even get them to send me an email acknowledging the return received. I see this is a commonly reported problem with Simplisafe, and assume I am just going to lose my $$$...?  I should have just sold them on eBay.  Either very incompetent or very dodgy corporate practices.  Off to file a complaint with BBB and potentially with AGs office.  Anyone have the email for the Order Management Team...?

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11 months ago

@trubrit2019 It should usually take 1-3 business days for funds to appear back in your account after we receive a return. If it has been weeks since the warehouse received your return, something is not right. I've forwarded your case to our escalated Support team - a specialist will be in touch soon to help.

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Order 26638065. Received back at the warehouse 7/28. I have tracking.  Apparently issue is that I paid for this using Affirm debit card and refund attempts have failed.  Cannot give me a reason why they failed.  Never had issue with other purchase refunds on this card.  Affirm knows nothing about it. Yesterday's customer service rep swore blind he would send me email confirmation that return received and refund underway but of course there's no email.  Not good.

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Miraculously the refund has today been processed electronically back to the card.  Thank you!  It shouldn't have been this difficult, and please improve your customer communications.

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Simplisafe doesn't process returns at all, I sent back an outdoor camera in may and they still have my 184 dollars.  In general they are a terrible company when it comes to honoring their promise of returns.

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I finally talked to someone through chat, they had not processed my refund because when I sent the camera back the battery was installed, no idea why they would not process it, anyhow chat told me they had processed the refund and I would see it in 1-3 days.  I will keep this post updated as the saga continues or concludes.



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