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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 3:12 PM

Dispatch sent to the wrong location

I am very concerned that SimpliSafe CS Monitoring never knew our actual location. Apparently they assumed that we lived in the nearby town that's included in our mailing address. Actually, we live 18 minutes away from town, out in the county. 

After a recent false break-in alarm, monitoring could not reach us by phone as we were gone and unavailable. Monitoring advised they had dispatched law enforcement. We called the Sheriff's Dept who told us they had not receive disatch. We recontacted monitoring who somewhat indifferently told us they had dispatched the PD in the nearby town, who of course did not respond as we are well away from their service area. Now we wonder if they would have called the FD in the nearby town if we'd had a house fire. They also would not respond for the same reason.

If you live out in the county while having a town listed in your mailing address, you had best contact monitoring and discuss which law enforcement and fire protection they will dispatch if there is either a break-in or a fire. In our case, SimpliSafe never determined our actual location by using online mapping or asking us the appropriate questions. They just ASSUMED this information. We've been paying monthly monitoring for over 2 years, essentially for nothing. 

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1 year ago

@MikeyrInScott​ our professional monitoring agents will call for dispatch to the Protected Location listed on your account, and not any other location. So it's very important that the info listed there is the actual location where your system is (i.e. in your case, where you actually live).

You can check that info throught he SimpliSafe app, under: Menu > Location Profile

And through your account on the website, under: ☰ Menu > Monitoring

Could it be possible that when you first set up your account, you entered your mailing address, rather than your actual home address? I would strongly recommend logging into your account now to make sure that the right info is entered.

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