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Thursday, May 12th, 2022 9:08 PM

Changing Base Station serial number

How do you get the slow folks at Simplisafe to change the base station ser# in the system after they send you a replacement? My system hasn't been monitored for a while and they won't return my emails.
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3 years ago

@des6319 I suggest you just pick up the phone call support. I navigated through 2 prompts, got to the base/keypad group in 37 seconds and spoke to a very nice rep Wildline. (A very unique name indeed but she was great.)  I explained why I called, for this post, apologized for taking up her time and wished her a great weekend.  She said thanks. Wow, what a nice agent.

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3 years ago

Hi des6319,

You might have already been in touch with our Support team over the weekend. But for clarification, that kind of change to your account can only be done over the phone after we verbally confirm your Safe Word passcode.

Though we also provide instructions for how to do the update on your own. Here they are for reference:

Step 1: Remove the Old Base Station

  1. Unplug the old Base Station from the wall.
  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to open it's battery compartment and remove one of the backup batteries.
  3. Return the old Base Station (including the batteries and power adapter) to SimpliSafe using the enclosed, pre-paid USPS mailing label.
  4. Remove a battery from all Keypads.

Step 2: Set Up the New Base Station

  1. Remove the Battery Activation tab.
  2. Plug the Base Station into the power outlet.
  3. Your existing sensors should already be pre-programmed in this replacement system. Please test them to make sure everything is working correctly. You may need to set your PINs and WiFi again.
  4. Log in to your account at SimpliSafe.com (http://simplisafe.com/account). At the bottom of the menu section on the left, click Activate Monitoring.
  5. On the next screen, select "Upgrade Existing Service' then select the location for the new Base Station and click Next. Enter the new Base Station serial #, found on the bottom of the Base Station.

Hope this all helps! Let us know if there's a particular step that you're getting stuck on and we can go from there.

- Johnny M.
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@davey_d​ it still requires a master pin and errors out saying check internet connection

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@jslyter1014​ If you're experiencing an issue updating your new Base Station's serial number in the web app, I would recommend calling our Support team. They'll be able to help update this information for you.

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