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Friday, January 26th, 2024 6:51 AM

Cancel service.

I no longer have this system and cannot cancel my service help

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3 months ago

We canceled monitoring service back in December & EVERY single month like clockwork they continue to charge our card, and EVERY 🙄 month I call to be assured they will credit us back & stop it from charging. Every month, that's a lie and I open another dispute with our credit card company. Have been told there is no way to delete our cc info from Simplisafe?!?? They told me I need to tell our cc company to block any further charges....like what kind of company does that🤦‍♀️ USAA has a partnership with them so we trusted Simplisafe. Just needed to cancel temporarily (about 6 months) for financial reasons, but here we are stilllll being charged & now you want me to block your company!!! Guess that means we are NEVER re-activating thru Simplisafe 🤷‍♀️ Make it make sense people🤣 Tomorrow's to-do's: 1)Call cc company AGAIN- dispute & block Simplisafe

2)Write USAA-tell them they have a crappy "partner" who should be banned from doing business with anyone, especially service members 3)Open a BBB complaint 4)Express my concerns & constant frustrations with all my friends & family on my social media outlets 5)Leave a few public forum online reviews 6)Donate our system to anyone dumb enough to accept it😜 

Now if only I could get paid for ALLLLL MY time wasted fighting to get MY money back🤬 But I will gladly accept a Home Depot, Starbucks, or Target gift card in lieu of cash....you have my address on file😉

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