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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 4:55 PM


Camera’s ( Doorbell, Wireless Camera ) live view on Google Home hub

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We should be able to view the live camera ( Doorbell, Wireless Camera ) on Google Home Hub or Alexa Hub. None of the feature exists currently. It’s hard to go and find the phone all the time. Competitors are having this feature. We need to add this feature in SimpliSafe.



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2 years ago

@mukkesh Yes, the integration area by SS is severely limited, but there is a good and bad side with that. As discussed in previous threads, current integration is severely limited, to the point of it having very limited value. The good news is that it makes the Simplisafe enviornment that much more secure. Don't get me wrong,  I would love to have a single digit character that could pass to Echo to provide when my system is in an alarm state. One way only, it wouldn't  compromise security and allow me to have a routine to turn on my IoT lights inside and out to turn it into a bright Xmas tree. Show stopper? Hardly, but definitely a nice to have.

In the long run, I wouldn't count on a marked expansion of integration. Even without it, SS is the best overal value and effective solution on the market, IMO.

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