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Sunday, December 18th, 2022 4:48 PM

Business use-employee access

The instructions for adding a custom user indicates that they can only disarm the system. We want our employee to be able to arm and disarm the system.- and we’d like to add up to 10 (at least) employees. 1 - can custom users swarm AND arm? 2- how can I add more users? It looks like I have a very small limit. Thanks

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2 years ago

Hi.ignore the above! Ive figured some things out! I still would like to have more users - but I can do a work around for now. Thanks to all. 

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Yes, it sounds like what you're doing is adding Secondary PINs, which allow other users to disarm the system, without giving them access to the Menu. If you have the system set up on the app, you'll also see each Secondary PIN in the Timeline, so you'll know who recently disarmed the system.


As you may have already learned, the system does not require a PIN at all for arming.


At this time, unfortunately, there is a limit of only 4 Secondary PINs per system. But we do have an active request for more PINs right here. We'll keep you updated on that thread if the feature is ever added.

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