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Friday, October 1st, 2021 7:53 PM

Best service combo for a home with a single camera

I'm a new customer, with only one camera, the new Outdoor camera.  I'd like to subscribe to the "standard monitoring plan" for $14.99/mo for my home entry, smoke, and glass break sensors, and the "Single camera recording" option for $4.99/mo for my single outdoor camera.
 Can I do that combination?  Would it then cost $19.98/monthly?  I understand that the home professional monitoring would NOT include video clips from my outdoor camera when contacting the police...true? But my camera could then record, and save for 30 days, motion-activated, and manually acquired, video clips for my review or download...true?

Thanks to all.



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3 years ago

@pmarvin7 Welcome to the Simplisafe Family!! I and many other customers post regualary in the forums and help each other out. Also the Help Center is available and getting better each day.

If I may make a suggestion, SS has a deal on the Total Command plan that is usually 24.99. If you prepay you get two months free, which drops the cost to 18.74 each month. You pay less, get  up to 10 cameras (future use for you) plus many other capabilities. Suggest you think about it and call SS support if you have questions.

Best of luck with your new system and good luck with any decision you make!
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