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Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 3:20 AM

Account Issue a Safety Risk

I have requested THREE times for my ex-husband to be removed from my account and all notifications about my security system.  

He is still receiving my emails.  This last time I specifically asked that the email NOT be sent to him.  It was.  

Simplisafe is a SECURITY COMPANY.  They need to figure this out for me and every other customer because it is going to create a serious liability issue for them when someone gets killed.

Official Solution

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3 years ago

So sorry to hear about your experience, Kelly MT.

From what I can see on your account, the main email address (where notices for the account in general would be sent - and also the email that you use to log in) was changed immediately.

But yes, some of the orders on your account still had your ex-husband's info on them. And since replacement orders are tied to original orders, any replacement orders you had been requesting were being sent to him.
I can confirm, however, that the agent you worked with yesterday (May 10th) has already taken the steps to correct all the info on your account.
I've also personally gone through your entire account to double-check, and you shouldn't have this issue ever again.


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3 years ago

He now knows exactly what parts of my security system are not working.  How many women in this country are in danger because SimpliSafe sends all emails about devices to the person who originally placed the order no matter how many times you ask to have them removed from the account?
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