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Saturday, January 25th, 2020 2:29 PM

4 Minutes from trigger to dispatch call

My family member triggered the alarm accidentally at 12:19 Pm a few days ago. I did not get a call from Simplisafe Dispatch until 12:23, 4 minutes later. To me that seems like way too long. I called Simplisafe who *insisted* they called at 12:19, but I have no record on my phone receiving an incoming call until 12:23. I'm concerned about this.

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4 years ago

Did the family member, or you, cancel the alarm within 30 seconds?  If so, that would be normal for COPS not to call immediately.  

If the alarm is canceled (either via the keyfob or entering the PIN on the keypad) within 30 seconds or so, COPS will consider it an accidental/false alarm.  Emergencies are priority for COPS Monitoring, so false alarms (cancelled within 30 seconds or so by you) will not be responded to until a COPS agent has a free moment to call regarding the event.  Sometimes they may not call for hours after, it depends on their call activity.

If it was well over 30 seconds without anyone having cancelled the alarm and COPS did not call, then there would be a problem in which you'd want to bring up with them, or with SS to troubleshoot your system.

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4 years ago

Colt master is correct, if it is cancelled within 30 seconds the alarm will not come in to an operator, but will automatically log itself as a false alarm, but after those 30 seconds, the alarm will screen to the operator who will then call the primary number, if no answer is received or they cannot make contact, they will go onto the next number following the exact same procedure, then at that point if no contact is made they will do one of 3 things, dispatch the authorities(whoever that may be at the time), attempt to contact the secondary contact if the alarm is not set up to contact authorities, or at that point the alarm will simply end if nothing else is set up, cops monitoring employees are able to, and will give you 1. The time the alarm ACTUALLY went off 2. The time the alarm was sent to the operator (this time and number 1 can vary due to a number of factors- current amount of alarms, technical errors, slow operators etc) and 3. The time that any call was made in an attempt to contact you.  Unfortunately sometimes COPS employees will attempt to call you but due to a few circumstances- anything from technical issues on your/your phone providers end, all the way to the monitoring center having a power outage- can interfere with you receiving that call. At this point if you truly believe that your phone number was never called you can speak to simplisafe directly (please please please keep in mind, cops employees and simplisafe are 2 completely different companies) and file what is called an "inquiry' which is basically an internal investigation into whatever happened when your alarm was activated, from the time is was triggered to the moment the alarm was finished by the operator. I hope that helps!
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