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Thursday, May 28th, 2020 5:08 PM

"Wireless Interference" fix

"Wireless Interference" indicates that the Base Station detects another wireless signal that may get in the way of the communication of your sensors and components. For more info on how to resolve, please read the Help Center article here.

Just because your system is notifying you of a "wireless interference" doesn't mean there is an active one, let me explain. Roughly three months ago my system started notifying me of a "wireless interference".  I found this odd because we haven't added any new devices to our home since the initial installation and the system has been running flawlessly since installation.

Today I learned something.....

The system will continuously voice this error until you clear it in the keypad. In my particular case, this means that 79 days ago "something" caused an interference with my system. I have no clue what it could've been but that's not the point. The system picks up on the error but doesn't release it even though what was causing the interference is now gone. Go to your keypad and if you notice a triangle with an exclamation point in it, click the screen. This will provide you with what the error is and how long it's been since it was triggered. In this case you will see "Wireless Interference" and basically a timer at the bottom of the screen stating how long it's been since it was triggered. If your situation is similar to mine, click the small (x) on the screen and this will clear out the error. Then arm and disarm your system to test. If you use these steps and see that the error is fresh and continues to refresh itself, that means that you do have an active interference and should attempt to locate the combating device or move the base station.

I hope this helps.

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