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Monday, February 3rd, 2020 12:09 PM

Will not update

Keypad tells me I have an update. I select install. I have placed keypad on, beside, touching and not touching the base unit 10 plus times. It rarely gets over 10 percent before the base unit tells me the update is complete and the keypad says update failed. Since the keypad never gets much over 10% download I know its not actually completing the download.

Keypad did also lose connection with base unit at one point but I pressed the button in bottom of base unit and it reconnected.

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4 years ago

Try putting fresh batteries in the keypad, then start the download process - if that doesn't work, call SS for assistance or troubleshooting - try calling early when they open (9am, ET), and pressing #1 for sales, that option may get answered by someone sooner.

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4 years ago

Karldon, as Johnny pointed out in the firmware thread, make sure you are on wifi, it will not update over cellular.
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