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Monday, May 24th, 2021 10:19 PM

Wifi Number of Characters Limit

I have had Simplisafe for over a year. On initial setup I was having issues with adding my primary Wifi Network to SimpliSafe and had to connect it to my guest network instead. My primary password is over 32 characters which seems to be the limit on what the device will accept.

I understand that I'm probably one of the unique customers that have such a long password when it comes to the Wifi password but having a limitation on the number of characters that the SimpliSafe device accepts should not hinder allowing me to connect to Wifi no matter how many characters are used, so long as the router can accept it.

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3 years ago

Hi moriega,

Yep, unfortunately right now the security system can only support WiFi passwords up to 32 characters. It's a limitation on the Keypad end.

But we'll be forwarding your feedback to our dev team to let them know there's demand for a higher limit!

- Johnny M.
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