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Thursday, June 16th, 2022 11:02 PM

WiFi key length maximum

The WiFi standard key length maximum is 63 characters. Is there any chance that a future firmware upgrade would increase the SimplySafe WiFi key length maximum beyond the current 31 characters?

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2 years ago

Hi @rongalla ,

The 31 character limit is a hardware restriction. We'll keep you updated if and when our engineering team is able to make a change.


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You seem to have bypassed in your reply the fact that 63 characters is the world WiFi standard. Even my cheap Taiwan made wifi IP cameras understand 63 character passwords. I have 17 devices on my network and all of them except SimpliSafe understand 63 character passwords. That includes 2 Smart TVs, 4 IP cameras, a smart thermostat, 2 range extenders, a linux laptop, iphone, ipad, Directv Receiver,  Acurite Weather Display, HP printer, and the router itself. That's 16, plus the SimpliSafe. The range extenders are not the same brand as the router, but they work because they adhere to the standard. A hardware restriction? How can this otherwise well made piece of hardware have a restriction that cheap IP cameras don't have? Because you made a design mistake. Fix it.

I am also very annoyed at this mistake. I just finished setting up a new network and connected all my devices with a long password. Simplisafe was the last device and just hit this issue. Very frustrated! 

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1 year ago

I also just had this issue. Weirdly, the simplisafe cameras are able to handle long passwords. Just not the keypad.

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1 year ago

I have this same issue.

My upgraded system arrived yesterday (June 06 2023) And the same day it was put back in the box ready to be sent back to them because my wifi password is smarter than simplisafe.
A 'hardware restriction'?? Really? You can do better than that!  In todays world of technology this should be nothing more than a very simple firmware update.  If it is not then it sounds like simplisafe is not the safe option for me.

Get your system up to todays standards. I give this 2 weeks and then I am sending back over $600 worth of your useless equipment.
If you "engineers" cannot figure out how to simply extend the password characters then simply remove the need for a wifi connection. My simplisafe gen 1 works great on the cell modem alone!

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11 months ago

Better yet.  Put an ethernet port on the base station.   It's insane to use wifi if wires are available.

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