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Saturday, June 18th, 2022 8:55 PM

Wifi extender

Does the SimpliSafe Wi-Fi extender also boost the signal for all devices that not SimpliSafe? 

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2 years ago

@Ad9497  its a generic extender, commercially available just not through Simplisafe and will work for all of your devices.

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@captain11​  Thank you!

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6 months ago

My camera keeps dropping the wifi connection and am considering getting a wifi extender. Are they as secure as the routers? I read some information that they can be hacked easily. Are the ones that simplisafe recommend secure or how can I make it more secure from hackers?



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@mfmike ​ Before you drop $ for an extender you may want to go to Best Buy or some other technical source and discuss the layout of your house, where you can install a router and the advantages of having a mesh type. My house is a two story colonial with a finished basement, and the first and second floor is about 2500 sq feet. For the most bang for the buck, the original Google  WIFI is a 2.4/5.0g system. While it doesn't have 6 or 6E extended, you can get this older system at a great price and it will serve you well for years. Also Google does all of the active management and updates, and is as secure as they get. Do some research. In my experience and opinion, extenders are not as good as providing coverage as a mesh router system. 

Again, research, ask questions and then make your decison. Good luck.

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