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Sunday, November 7th, 2021 8:02 AM

Wifi disconnecting and not auto reconnecting

My WiFi over past few weeks has twice cut out according to SS.

First time it happened none of the cameras would work (understandable) so I was confused as I like many would get wifi lost wifi restored random appearing during nights.. but at this point it was wifi lost but not restored which I thought was unusual but I manually added it at keypad and it was all good.
Two weeks on ... I wake up to wifi lost again nothing in timeline to say its restored.. so I flick into cameras and it this time says the cameras are all fine. I open them. They all work.. yet no "wifi restored" in timeline.
I go to keypad and my way of checking is to go to system update and it tells me it will only work on a wifi connection indicating the WiFi isn't restored! Yet... how is my cameras operational then...
I then enter wifi password and it says wifi restored in timeline and push email confirms it too.

What is going on......

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3 years ago

The cameras work completely independenty of the base station.  They do not connect to the base station to operate.  At least, that is the case for the indoor cameras.

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3 years ago

That's right, the cameras all primarily use WiFi and connect to the service directly through your router. The Outdoor Camera does connect to the Base Station to respond to alarm signals. But in terms of streaming and recording, it also uses only WiFi.

So if the Base Station is cut off from the WiFi, that should not be affecting the cameras. It also helps to know that the WiFi disconnected and restored messages on your Timeline are for the Base Station only. So it's just the Base Station's connection that needs troubleshooting at this point. Is the Base Station far from your WiFi router? And are there any walls or heavy appliances in between?

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
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3 years ago

Thanks - the base station is in same position been for years and router also hasn't moved. Its 2 metres away from it directly across room so nothing after a year + should be affecting it.
Like many it a couple of times a week says wifi disconnect but on same exact minute says WiFi connected right after it... this time it didn't reconnect which baffled me.
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