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Thursday, November 10th, 2022 12:16 PM

Whole system seems to be wiped away from app and settings.

I have a full Simplisafe set-up in our home and added a few devices recently.  Everything been running fine.

Every night I check before bed I check to see if any entry sensors are in “open” state.  Last night I checked my Simplisafe app like normal, only to see all my devices have disappeared. Not even my base station is showing up.

What is going on? I tried plugging my base station in and out, as well as a hard reset by removing the batteries.  Neither the base station nor any other devices are showing up in my device settings. And when I try to re-add the base station to my devices, as if if I'm starting over, it says it's already registered to a home (mine obviously).

when I check the alert history, it is still there but all the sensors I named are back to regular serial numbers.  It took me a long time to rename every sensor.  

How can this be fixed?

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2 years ago

Hi @msmith6986,


Looking into your account, I see that you were already in touch with our Support team and we've got engineer resources on the case!


But if anyone else encounters an issue like this, I would suggest giving our Support team a call as well. At the very least we should get your Base Station replaced.

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@davey_d​ Hey Davey D, Why don't you tell everybody that if you have to replace your base station you have to manually rebuild the system from scratch? Instead you say give us a call and then tell us one at a time? Correct me if I am wrong.


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1 year ago

Same just happened to me.I am going to be in Boston TV about it. Security system spontaneously deleteing itself is prime time TV. 

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8 months ago

I'm experiencing the same exact issue.  Just like I had no system before. 

 I've restarted the base station, did a hard reset.  Logged out of the app, then back in. It asked me to scan my base station qr code, so I did.  It acted like it was a new system install.  Now all my cameras are deleted.  So I'll have to go in and re add them, and all the damn sensors.

What's the deal simpli safe? 

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2 months ago

Same thing happened to me. Got a camera notification and was able to view. Then I went to the home screen in my app and everything is gone. App wants me to set up a new system

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@Sseq​ This is concerning, and something we would want to address ASAP. If you haven't already, I would recommend contacting our Support team so they can take a deeper look into your account and assist you with some live troubleshooting.

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