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Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 10:17 PM

Where do I get my Cell Module upgrade?

SimpliSafe is dedicated to providing our customers with expert-level protection, and this includes ensuring 24/7 access to our professional monitoring centers via a strong cellular connection. For more info on our efforts to address 2G Sunset, including obtaining and installing a new cellular module, check out our Help Center Article here.

I've just spent an hour scouring Simplisafe website looking for the cell module upgrade to get for my original Simplisafe system.

NOTHING. No information. You tell me I need one or my system won't work, but you won't tell me anything about how to get one. THANKS A LOT.

The link in the Simplisafe Email is no good.

Simplisafe: you should get your act together. I was one of your initial customers when you first came out.

You have a lot of competitors now. Get with it.

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2 years ago

Hi kenrapini,


So sorry about this! Yes, the link in the email should be pointing you towards the order process on our website. Our dev team resolved the issue you encountered, so if you try again right now, you should have no further trouble.



But you can also give our Support team a call at 800-548-9508, and check out our Help Center page here for more details on the whole upgrade process. We can make sure that you get that upgraded module!

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