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Friday, April 10th, 2020 10:01 PM

Well, this is a new one

I checked my Timeline, and it shows "System Disarmed Master PIN via Keypad 12:36 PM" today. I indeed did not disarm the system until 1:45 PM via Key Fob (to retrieve a package). Oddly, it also does not show the system Armed between the two events.

The problem has never happened in nearly seven years of owning both SS2 and SS3. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue, and if so, what could be the cause? Is phoning SimpliSafe an option presently, most companies are inundated with calls.

I hope all of you are healthy and safe.



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4 years ago

I've not experienced that issue (although I have had multiple arm/disarm events NOT alert in txt message or show on the timeline - like the disarm event between arming or the reverse, the arming event between disarming), I've just gotten used to it, because with SS, you can't get blood from a turnip.

You should call SS and ask for a supervisor to investigate.  You had another issue not so long ago that was strange and maybe worrisome, you want to rule this out as maybe (and hopefully), just a fluke.

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2 years ago

did you ever figure out why that happened?  it happened to me twice today (along with 2 false fire alarms).  thanks.

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