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Friday, April 22nd, 2022 9:39 AM

Using Home Mode

I have been reluctant to use my Gen 3 system in the home mode while I am at home. My system consists of motion detectors, door contacts, external alarm siren, water and temperature sensors. While in the home mode, I would assume the motion sensors are inoperative while everything else is in operation. Is that a safe assumption? Will the dispatch center also be contacted by the base station if a door contact is activated by an opened door?

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2 years ago

@raski321 My first recommendation is, based upon your post, to call support and discuss the basic operation of your system and customization options.

That said, to answer your overall theme: If your system is armed to home or away, unless you disarm it within 30 seconds, COPS, the monitoring company, is going to call you for your safe word. If they can't reach you, they will dispatch the police (that is, of course, you have the sensor set to alarm and not just secret alert). If that last statement confused you, again, call support to walk through customization options of your system.

Next up, yes, from SS, your motions are set to not be armed in home mode. That's the default. Based on the life style and schedule of your family, you may want to change that, and can. Let me give you an example:

For our system, we live in a two-story colonial, all bedrooms on the 2nd floor.  When we go to bed, set system to home and all motion sensors in the garage, basement and first floor are on, set to alarm on "instant trigger". All motion sensors on the 2nd floor are off.  Entry / exit delays are 0/0.   You can see we expect no none in or out, as we have no live in kids and no pets.

When away, same for the basement, first floor and garage, with the difference the motions on the 2nd floor are now also armed.

Simplisafe configures your system to "simple" when shipped. You can choose to customize it to a great extent and make it configured that matches your needs in many ways. 

Hope this helps, but do encourage you to call and have an active discussion with support and get answers to all your questions. Good luck and have a great day.


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