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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 10:00 PM

Using existing hard wired door and windows sensors with SimplySafe

Can I use existing hard wired window and door sensors with my SimplySafe system?  I have windows and doors that have wired sensors that terminate in a central box in the house.  Can I hook these to SimplySafe and use them?  

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6 years ago

Not without modification of the sensors, which more or less defeats the point of Simplisafe's wireless, easy install system concept.

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6 years ago

Not really that much of a defeat, if the wired sensors are already there.  It was more useful in SS2 which only allowed 41 sensors, and if you had a lot of windows in one area, using wired sensors and one modified SS sensor made a lot of sense.  Now that SS3 can handle 100, it is less attractive of an option.

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It''s a defeat for simplicity inasmuch as, for most SS users, opening up a sensor and soldering in some external leads or adding external terminals is not in the plan. For me, maybe for you, a piece of cake; for many others a totally foreign activity. Perhaps the OP has such interests and skills so it would be no big deal for him too.

I'd briefly entertained offering modification services since this question comes up occasionally. But, after more thought, I don't want to deal with any potential warranty or product liability issues. Talking about it and/or modding your own stuff is one thing, doing it for someone else is another.

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need more details on how to also have wired sensors. Some or my wireless devices are out of range.

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