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Sunday, July 5th, 2020 8:35 PM

Use of Lithium AA Batteries

I am a new user and just starting to install my system.  I am concerned about the battery life of the keypad which is said to be 8-12 months.  I am not at this location for part of the year (sometimes 6 or more months) and during the winter, battery life can be compromised.  The house thermostat is set for 55 degrees minimum when we are not here.  The instructions say that the keypad takes 2 AA alkaline batteries.  Can I use Lithium AA batteries instead?



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4 years ago

Yes, but I'm not sure you will see any real benefit for the additional cost.  Where Lithium shines is in low temperatures (and 55 degrees is not low enough to see that benefit).

I'd say, run a test.  Put in a set of primo fresh alkalines and see how long they really last, and then repeat with a set of Lithium to see if there is a significant increase in life.

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4 years ago

FWIW, i have a second system in a house where I typical keep 50F through the winter. Granted, it's a SS2 system, but the keypad batteries typically last 10 months, give or take. The keypad isn't physically used much at all but that's what I get.
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