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Monday, December 20th, 2021 7:12 PM

Upgrade to Gem 3

I inquired about upgrading to the Gen 3 system and was told I would need to replace all my existing sensors and cameras. Even at a 50% discount this is a considerable investment which I can no longer afford. Can I anticipate that my current system will no longer be supported and I will be without protection? 

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3 years ago

Hi rljasper2011,

The Gen 3 system was redesigned from the ground up, and uses a newer method of communication that is more secure, and has double the range. Unfortunately, this also means that the newer components are not compatible with previous-gen.

If you'd prefer to stick with your older-generation system, please don't worry. We don't have any plans for stopping service for your system any time soon. Just bear in mind that previous-gen components are no longer in production, so we might not be able to provide replacements if anything goes wrong.

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