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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 8:33 PM

Upgrade Program for Loyal Customer


First of all, your customer service is terrible.  I waited for over 30 minutes before getting a customer service on the phone.

Second, I would like to upgrade my old system to the latest system. But unfortunately Simplisafe does not have an loyal customer upgrade program as of yet.

I hope that Simplisafe will offer an upgrade program soon for existing customers.

My old system still works but it would be nice to upgrade and get better features like lighted keypad, etc.

Hope to hear from Simplisafe soon regarding to loyal customer upgrade program.


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6 years ago

I saw that system in another thread.  Cheaper maybe, but about the ugliest alarm I've ever seen.  Kinda like comparing a Ferrari to a Minivan isnt it?

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6 years ago

For the record, I would love an upgrade option as I bought SS about 16 months ago. I'm satisfied with functionality for now, so I won't be upgrading without an incentive. When I am ready to upgrade, I'll evaluate the market again and pick the best path.

All of this talk about upgrades in the electronics industry is making itself somewhat relevant to me right now. My daughter upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 as a part of a pretty good T-Mobile promotion in March of last year. Upgrade was essentially free (~$40 tax after trade-in reimbursement), but it was structured as having to port in a new line of service. It turned out we wanted an additional line anyway, and I simply ported in a Google Voice number that I then made my own.

New iPhone 7 3/2017.

iPhone 7 bricked on OS update 10/2017. Apple replaced with a new phone.

That iPhone 7 now developed some sort of vibrator defect (excessive vibration and noise) that is used often with haptic touch. Going to Apple store tonight, but it is listed as no longer under warranty. The manufacturer warranty is the later of 1-year or 90 days after repair. I would ideally / logically expect warranty to be renewed to 1-year from replacement, but that is simply what I want and not what terms state.

So in this case, I cannot even get the 15-month phone repaired under warranty unless they make an exception to their rule. Forget about an upgrade at this time. Nothing from Apple. Only possibility is something from a carrier that wants to get me to switch.

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6 years ago

I've had my system for a few years now, going on 4... There are some things I would like to have.  If there is no upgrade path, and I'm just making a new purchase, so be it... I'll evaluate the market and probably buy something else.  It puts a really bad taste in my mouth that you guys don't seem to offer an upgrade path... what's up with that?  

Even Sprint (worst phone company on the planet according to Consumer Reports)... provides upgrade incentives as a way to keep me with the company, and to keep sending them a monthly check.

Given you seem to have absolutely NOTHING to say in response to many posts here... it seems you don't see any benefit to that.

I guess it's time to go look at NEST.



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SS did a post in another thread news on upgrade path will be announced later this month.

6 years ago

Switch to Ring, only $10.00 per month for what SS wants $25.00. Switching to Ring will pay off the cost of new equipment in no time at all.

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6 years ago

Loyal customer program would be awesome- Love simplisafe, but would also like to enjoy the new features. Cannot afford to spend $1000 and just throw the old system in the trash :(

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6 years ago

FWIW, I just called and asked about the 40% discount e-mail they sent out to previous owners.  I've had my system since 2014 and the discount code was attached to my account so the support agent was able to generate a quote based on my current system, apply the code, and place the order.

After everything done (including that Amex $100 credit) - I'm paying an additional $450 to replace an $800 system that has been working just fine for a bit more than 4 years.  So for me, I am a very satisfied customer - but as with everything in life, YMMV.

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I never got that offer

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6 years ago

It wasn't a refund, but a trade-up program.  The e-mail was originally sent in late August.  So the deal is that if you return your old system, you get 40% off a new system.  For those that have had their systems for less time than mine - it might not be as good of a deal.  For me - I've had this one since mid-2014 and it's worked fairly well with minimal complaints (battery life and range of some of the devices could be better) - but overall I've been satisfied.

So either I keep the system as is or replace it with SS v3 or deploy a whole new system from another vendor:  I looked at Ring and some of the other vendors - and the discount certainly made it a no brainer to upgrade and stay with SS.  I completely understand that SS will take my system, run it through their workbench (I hope), and sell it as a refurb - so for them it's not that much of a financial hit.  For me, I get an upgrade at a nominal cost and far less than had I switched to a new system another vendor.

Running the numbers from out of pocket costs:
$800 for initial system, 52 months = $16/month
Factor the replacement system
$1250 for equipment, 52 months = $25/month
Having it as long as I have - certainly helps.

You still have 60 days to decide if the new system is worth it - so if you don't return your old system, my guess is that you'll see a chargeback on your credit card for that discounted amount.  The deal isn't for everyone, but it works for me.  Also, the new systems haven't made it to the refurb stock yet - so that's something else to consider.

Hope that helps.

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4 years ago

Is it possible to get a full refund.  I spent 500+ dollars on the original SS system.
If this is true I would defiantly purchase a new system.  I'm on a fixed income and
This would enable me to upgrade without gouging me.  Anyone hear about this refund?



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4 years ago

If you buy a system and return in within 60 days of ordering it, you will get a full refund (and they pay the return postage).

If you buy a system and do not return it within 60 days, then you will not get any kind of refund.

If you have a SS2 system and monitoring, you may be able to get a 40% discount on a SS3 system if you send back your SS2 base, keypad and master USB.

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Which now of course is pretty funny, since 2 weeks ago they offered everyone 40% off and a free camera, and this week and last week it's 50% off.  So why would you return an SS2 for 40% off?  Of course that offer was some time ago.
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