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Sunday, January 5th, 2020 6:25 PM

Update or Not?

I got a notification in the app that an update was available for the system, but when I go to the keypad there is no update.

Is there someway to check to be sure I have the latest distributions?




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4 years ago

If version control and communication was an exact science with Simplisafe, then yes, but since they are still a bit sketchy on that, not really.  If there is no update on your keypad, you can proactively use the keypad to check.



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4 years ago

You can check your versions via the keypad.

- In OFF mode, press the Menu button, then enter your PIN.
- Use the down-arrow to scroll down to System Settings.
- Arrow-down to Diagnostics
- Arrow-right to Keypad:
(Latest version - 1.4.20)
- Then Arrow-right to Base Station:
(Latest version - 1.4.58)

You can also arrow-right again to access Wifi information and arrow-right again to access Cell information.

To exit, arrow back until you see the Exit option, your base station will announce "Simplisafe, OFF".

If your keypad and base station haven't been updated to the current version, you can call SS and ask them to "push" the update to your system, within a day or two, you should see a gear icon on your keypad display indicating an update is ready to download.
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