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Friday, August 6th, 2021 12:07 PM

Unable to check for updates. Please try again later.

"Unable to check for updates. Please try again later."

With the issue I am encountering (and as noted by Johnny M. - thank you, Johnny) in which Wi-Fi no longer reconnects after disconnection, I wonder if the error message is a new symptom? I have attempted to check for the latest update three times but receive my topic's title message. I do not recall ever encountering this message prior. After I manually checked, I believe it would inform me that no new update was available. "Unable to check for updates" is worrisome.

After entering my wireless network's password, I confirm that my Wi-Fi reconnects and is the primary connection. And I have had no issue with my cellular connection. I am at a loss for what is occurring - unless that is the message everyone receives when no new update is available.

Can someone check by attempting a manual software update and report back on your findings? I would greatly appreciate it. Again, I value any help you can provide.

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3 years ago

I get "Your system is up to date".

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Thank you for confirming, KRStrick. I thought it was a new and odd message I had never encountered before. I am uncertain as to what is going on. I have made no changes or updates to my router or modem firmware.

I will set aside some time to troubleshoot. It is odd, though; the error only began after the Wi-Fi issue of not reconnecting after router disconnection. As Johnny M. referenced, the Simplisafe update should fix this in the most recent SimpliSafe firmware. But if I cannot connect, I cannot receive it once available.

The first step is to reboot the Base Station to see if that might resolve the problem. Aside from that, I do not know what else could have created this sudden glitch.

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3 years ago

The latest update resolved the issue ( System Firmware 2.3). However, I will check to see if the router disconnection problem is still present tomorrow.
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