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Sunday, June 21st, 2020 3:59 PM

Turn on Away Mode Silently?

Is there a way to switch from Home Mode to Away Mode without having the exit delay countdown?   Here's why I ask...

We have no pets or no kids, so we activate our basement and main-level motion detectors at night.   On our current ADT system, I can hit press *1 on our bedroom keypad to switch from Home Mode to Away Mode instantaneously without creating any noise (no exit delay or countdown beeps).   This is helpful because my girlfriend often goes to bed before me and it doesn't disturb her when I come to bed later and put the system in Away Mode.

Does SimpliSafe have a way to do this?   Pressing Away and letting the exit countdown run its course wakes her up.

Thanks for the help!



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4 years ago

@yawdroj we have our home mode to 0 delay for exit and entry. When we are home for the night, that's perfect. If it works for you that way, just change the delay settings for both entry and away to 0.

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4 years ago

@Captain11, thanks for the reply!   Unfortunately this solution won't work for us because in practice we set our system to Home Mode after dinner when we know we won't be going outside again.   Then, when the last of us goes to bed we switch into Away Mode to activate the motion sensors.   In other words, we don't sleep with the system in Home Mode, we sleep with it in Away Mode.   I need a way to switch it from Home Mode to Away Mode without having a countdown that wakes up the other person.   And unfortunately the minimum countdown for Away Mode seems to be 45 seconds.   Let me know if that makes sense and if anyone knows the secret.   Thanks!

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4 years ago

I'm having the same problem. You cannot set the exit delay to 0. I have dogs that freak out when we arm the alarm, there is absolutely no reason not to make this optional, Simplisafe. Come on...

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4 years ago

You have to call SS and request the delay be set lower for Away mode.

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4 years ago

I've called and been told it's not possible.  Has anyone had any luck getting this reduced to zero?

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I have had my Home Mode Exit Delay set to 0 seconds since day 1 with SS3 (and before that, SS2). I thought you could set Away Mode to 0 seconds in the past, but see in my account the following:

"Time allowed to exit (45-255)."

So perhaps I am mistaken, but I previously thought I had Away Mode set to 0 seconds with SS2.

I know some users do not like it, but you can set your Motion Sensors to "Alarm" in Home Mode. I put those in my home office to the setting when I am away for more than a day/overnight, and the housekeeper will be entering. Unless you never access an area, I find multiple false alarm scenarios waiting to happen to have Motion Sensors set to trigger in Home Mode or if/when you place your system to Away while you are inside/home. In 7 years, I have only set my alarm to Away when I am not at home.

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4 years ago

I think SS used to set Away mode to lower delay time than the default range upon phone-in/special request but, far as I know, a user has never themselves been able to set Away mode exit delay to zero time.

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You may be right, whoaru99. I do recall calling in for a lower duration than 10 seconds.

I take notes/screenshots of everything, and just before I gave my SS2 system away, I took a screenshot of the settings for the person I was giving it to and installing it (March 2018). I had their Exit Delay set to 10 seconds in the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard, but it has an arrow where it possibly could have been set lower. That is a blast from the past. We had to change settings on our PC (via USB) and then take the Master Keychain Remote to the Base Station to save. It is so much easier now with SS3 and the app.
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