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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 7:48 PM

Tripped sensors (after the first one) don't display on keypad?

My VERY old wireless system had LED lights for each sensor.  If the sensors were tripped the LED lit up (motion in dining room, door opened, etc). I am suprised that this new system does not do this!  Even when the system is armed, the initial tripped sensor will display an alert on the keypad, but the others do not! For example.... if we saw a door, then the dining room sensor, then the kitchen sensor, someone is actually in the house and walking room to room. With Simplisafe we only know that the named sensor was tripped and have no idea if it was just a sensor falling off the wall or someone going through the house unless we go out an investigate.

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4 years ago

Your old system probably had a specific set of sensors, or at least a small maximum number.  Having 41 or 100 LEDs, particularly when some of them are not sensors, would be impractical.

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4 years ago

Use screws and eliminate the thought of a sensor falling off the wall.
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