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Saturday, July 9th, 2022 8:19 PM

T-Mobile internet

​Currently I have a base station with the Verizon module which works great.    T-Mobile internet (wireless) is becoming available in my area.​
​My questions are:​
​1) Are there any issues with T-Mobile and Simplisafe equipment?​
​2) I would have to swap out the Verizon module for the T-Mobile module.   Are there any known issues with the T-Mobile module?​
​Thank you.​

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9 months ago

Hi @cornholio ,

As part of our transition to 4G, we phased out T-Mobile as an option for our Base Stations. So in short, there is no T-Mobile module available. You're on Verizon, which is the default, and we also have AT&T as an alternate.

Of course, the Base Station does connect on its own, so it doesn't affect whatever service your phones are on.



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9 months ago

@cornholio to clarify, no matter who does your internet, that for WIFI, you can still have the verizon sim for your base. Now for my 2 cents opinion: while using 4G on my old phone, no one had better 4G coverage than Verizon in my experience. Period.  Being recently on 5G I cannot say TMobile, Verizon etc etc but since your base will continue to use 4G for the foresseable future, if the Verizon SIM has worked I wouldn't be in a rush to change it. Again, my opinion only. you may have better facts than me. good luck with  your decison.


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@captain11​  In the area that I live, Verizon has become slow in upgrading equipment and service.  Just got an email that my rate was increasing by $6.   T-Mobile used to be terrible, but is upgrading service and equipment.   People I know who use T-Mobile are pretty happy.   I’m signed up to get connected to their internet service.  There is a 15 day try it out period, so I don’t have anything to lose.

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