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Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 2:08 AM

Test mode not working

Hi!  I'm posting here some issues I have with putting my system in test mode to see if I can get some help.  Thank you in advance!

I currently only have entry sensors and I have been putting them in test mode in the past few days (with the interactive monitoring plan).  I was told by Simplisafe that if I do so, I should get a phone call for each sensor being tested.  However each time I test my sensors, some will respond (and I will get a phone call), some will not.  I even tested the same sensor twice in 1 day, and it responded only once.  From my account, it looks like everything is good.  What's wrong?  I tried to ask Tech Support over the phone, and I was told that I will not always get a call under test mode - if that's the case, then how do I test my system other than checking online/app?




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3 years ago

@piggydiudiu don't really know where to start, but I think a good place is to say that SS tech support in this instance is lacking, and you got someone new on the phone that didn't go the extra mile to explain things to you.

First, when you put your system in test, you should get an automated call that your test signal was received, hit 1 to acknowledge, hit 2 to speak to a live person.  That's it for that one session, done.  I suggest you hit 2, get a live person and tell them to put your entire system in test for x time. (How about 1 hour?)

At that point, make sure your base voice settings are on to high. After that, and your system still in test, go around the house and press your sensor test buttons. You should hear "Entry sensor". If you hear that on all of them, you are done, go have a beer and your system after an hour will go back online with monitoring.  Like to hear your siren? Okay, arm the system (remember you spoke with COPS the monitoring company and told them  to keep you on test for x time) set to home with all sensors on instant trigger (except your entry door you use to get into the house) and  hear the siren(s) blare away.  Have your keyfob ready to shut it off. Repeat: arm, trip, shut system off.

If you have any further questions, suggest you call back SS support and have them fully answer any questions you have. Waits are down but that's because they have a lot more agents, many new and not very experienced. Good luck.
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