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Friday, August 28th, 2020 7:47 PM

Sticky tape to hold keypad to the wall

My keypad fell off the wall.  The tape quit holding the keypad.  I have two keypads, so I might as well change the other one also.

 I looked on the SimpliSafe site and couldn't see a place to order the sticky tape.

 Does anyone know what I can use?  I was just hoping I would see on their site a place to order it.

 I guess I could order from Amazon or Walmart, but I wanted to get the correct size.

 Can anyone help me with where to buy the sticky tape, and if so what size to get?  

 Thanks so much


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4 years ago

Measure the tape you have, then go to either Amazon, Walmart or your local hardware store and pick up 3M heavy-duty adhesive tape.  SS sends out generic sticky tape with SS3 systems now, so it's pretty useless (and countless reports here on the forum about sensors and keypads falling off the wall).  Best to get your own sticky tape with a name brand (i.e., 3M).

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4 years ago

For something as heavy as the keypad, I put one or two small screws into the keypad holder.  That, along with double sided tape if you want but not necessary, ensures it'll never fall off.

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4 years ago

The original (3M??) tape that came with SS2 has kept two keypads on the wall for more that 2 years each. Have read numerous accounts of poor holding of the generic(?) strips that are supplied now.

In either case though, it's important to make sure the surfaces are clean and dry, without loose/flaking paint, smoke film, dust, etc.

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4 years ago

Good luck getting the correct adhesive tape if you try to order them from SimpliSafe.

I'm on my 8th attempt, yes, you read that correctly, 8th attempt, at trying to get SimpliSafe to send me the correct adhesive tapes so I can remount my sensor magnets after moving into a new house. For some unknown reason this simple act totally confuses them and all I get is a bag of sensor mounting tapes. Boggles the mind!!!!!

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4 years ago


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4 years ago

If you get 3M command strips (size: SMALL/Amazon), those are the same size as the strips SS uses.

However, they don't seem to be the right size if you ever have to redo a magnet.

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No telling what adhesive tapes you will get from SimpliSafe!!!! You may have to try 7 times and even then not get what you ordered. Oh, wait, been there, done that!!!

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4 years ago

That tape is no good, I had various things fall off after a few days on different surfaces.  Rather than risk false alarms, I bolted everything down using the supplied tiny, soft and buttery screws as well as a dollop of construction adhesive for good measure (such tiny screws into drywall will not fly either).  SimpliSafe needs to supply a better grade of fastener for the entry sensors and magnets, and redesign the brackets of the larger devices to accept longer screws that can get to wood.  There is currently no room between the bracket and device to fit a larger screw head.

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dave65535 - Wish I could use screws to secure everything but not an option here.

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4 years ago

As has been mentioned, you can easily get better tape at any home improvement or hardware store. The tape supplied with SS2 was 3M and has kept all the sensors from two systems in place for more than 2 years. The only exception was the outdoor siren which didn't hold, but that was my doing by putting it on a cold and uneven surface.

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@whoaru99​ We've had our system up for almost 7 years. The only thing we had a problem with staying in place was the motion sensor. My husband built a little "shelf" under it, the same size as the bottom of it, with part of a plastic bottle or something we had on hand. Not sure how he fastened THAT to the wall, but haven't had a problem since!! Will be interesting to find out as we just purchased a new Gen 3 system!.

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2 years ago

good to get this information but very disappointed that SimpliSafe has not responded well and efficiently to complaints and requests from several on the website.

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@stanholmes​ Our Community had already provided some great answers. We do have extra adhesives available on our shop page here. And in fact, since the original post 2 years ago, due to user feedback, we had switched to better adhesives that should hold on stronger than the initial run of the Gen 3 (current gen) system.

But if you want to save on shipping, you can also get 3M-brand Command Strips from your local hardware and grocery store. You'll just need to cut them down to size.

1 year ago

I have had the same issue.  My key pad has not been on the wall for so long, I forget how it should look when it's placed correctly.  I tried command strips but that did not work; the key pad is too heavy.  Any ideas?  Here's my holder and here's the back of the key pad.  Can anyone remind me how it should look on the holder prior to placing the pad on?  Thanks! (PS- sorry the photos are so large)

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The [Keypad] plate attached to the wall is upside down in your picture. That might be the problem.

Edit: Perhaps the forum flipped the photo upon posting? If not, your Keypad bracket (that attaches to the wall) should have the pull tabs on the adhesive strips on the bottom. The way you have it now, I am unsure how the Keypad can hold properly. Additionally, if you need to remove the strips, it will be much more difficult as you would need to pull them up. You remove them while pulling down so that they can stretch and then detach (and they stretch very far).


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