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Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 1:59 PM

SS3 Keypad - Keeps Lighting Up in an Infinite Loop

Hi all,

Just upgraded to SS3 and still learning how to use it and understanding all the features.

I noticed that my keypad keeps lighting up, dimmed, turning off, and then lighting up again continueously all night long.

By this rate, my battery will be dead in a couple of days.

Any ideas what's going on here? Does the keypad have a motion sensor or some sensor to detect people thus lighting up?

I know that it lights up when I put my hand close to the keypad, but it is lighting up looping even no one near it.

Is it a defect keypad that Simplisafe just shipped to me?

Please advise.


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4 years ago

Yes there is a motion sensor which is designed to light up as you approach it with your hand.  One of mine does this periodically where it comes on and off while watching tv.  It hasn't seemed to bother the battery life much so I've just lived with it, but if it's too excessive you might talk to SS about a replacement.  I think SS can control it's range via software because mine seems to do it a bit more often with the latest update.

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4 years ago

A short term fix would be to turn on "power saver" mode which turns off the remote activation.

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4 years ago

Well it turns out that when my TV is on, the keypad (right next to the TV hanging on the wall) turns on and off continueous.
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