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Monday, February 17th, 2020 3:02 PM

SS3 Base Light


Just upgrded to SS3 and very exicted with the new keypad and other features.

One quick questions for all experts here :)

After plugging in the SS3, the device base light stayed on constantly.

So for testing, we went into the device settings on the keypad and turned off the base light and then turned it back on.

Now, the device base light does not stay on all the time.

Did we messed up somewhere?

Please advise.




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4 years ago

When first setting up the system, the base will be lit up some of the time (sometimes white, sometimes blinking, sometimes blue).  

When you activate your system (after the 72-hour "practice mode", or sooner if you call and ask SS to take you out of practice mode if you're comfortable using the system), then the base light will stay OFF in OFF-mode, blue in HOME mode, and blue in AWAY mode.  You can of course, as you've learned, turn the base station light and voice off, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're comfortable with not hearing base station voice announcements.  Some users however, do keep the light off and voice off and hide the base station where it isn't visible or heard to anyone you don't want hearing it (i.e., a burglar - but depending on how you've set up your system and sensors per mode, have monitoring activated etc - monitoring will still receive the signal and will act accordingly).
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