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Saturday, March 4th, 2023 3:27 PM

Simplisafe will not get on WiFi (Optimum/Altice + Google Nest WiFi)

The key question - anyone else having issues with this?

I have three SS systems, and have used/tested SS for five years.

At 6am today, one of my homes went offline. SIDE NOTE 1 - *everything works over cellular, including camera. SIDE NOTE 2 - you can change WiFi on SS remotely - thank goodness...

I tried everything to "push" or "nudge" it back online, including restarting my Google Nest WiFi. All other devices are fine, including my EPSON printer, which used to give me trouble.

Finally, I took a leap of faith, and moved the SS to the home gateway wireless (which I'd prefer to not do), and it's back online. But... why now all of a sudden? We have not updated the firmware to the latest (late January 2023?) because we're not physically there now.

Final comments:

1. I've used WiFi networks since 1994 (DSSS 900Mhz for those counting).

2. Yes, this is Double-NAT, and yes I know it's wrong, but I have no choice in the matter - anywhere i.e. AT&T Fiber, Optimum, or Xfinity - any more in 2023.

3. Finally, this is mesh - and that can present problems, but why now?

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1 year ago

Hi @lindros99 ,

Not being networking gurus ourselves, we're a bit limited in the answer that we can give here. But I can say that historically, we've had trouble with mesh networks, particularly when they favor the 5GHz band (because of course all of our components support 2.4GHz only).

I would suggest setting up a secondary network locked to 2.4GHz and WPA2. The Base Station might have a better time with that.

Regarding your side note: You should know that the cameras connect to the service directly via your WiFi, and not the Base Station at all. So it makes sense that they were able to stay linked while the Base was having trouble.

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