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Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 8:28 PM

SimpliSafe interfering with PC audio


Since installing my SimpliSafe at the weekend I get that old fashioned buzz-buzz noise from my PC like when you held your first mobile phone too close.

The base station is down the hall from the PC and today I tried clipping ferrite beads to all the inbound PC cables to try and suppress it. No joy.

I can have my latest Android phone right by the PC and no problems. I know the SimpliSafe has a cell phone module - is it using the old cell bands?

Is it just me? It's starting to bug me so much I signed up to the community to post.

BTW - this is a UK set-up.

Why does SimpliSafe interfere with my PC audio?


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2 years ago

Support have tried to fix it but it is still happening.

The support folk thought it might be an old mobile/cell module issue so sent me a new base station.

Sadly the did not fix it and the interference keeps coming.

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