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Friday, December 30th, 2022 2:01 AM

Shipping department we have no shipping department...

My weekslong encounters with customer service. So let me preface this with great products at a fair price and super easy install. In 3 years of being a customer with a mix of 35-40 sensors, cameras and other detectors SS has been on the ball with quick calls when an alarm sounds and almost instant notification according to my set parameters.

So early Dec 23 the NE had some severe wind rain with flickering wifi and power. Around 10am my base station went ballistic as well as my sirens, 4 loud beeps then 2 seconds of quiet and then 4 loud beeps. I disconnected went thru the reset procedure with no change and gave up around 2 or 3 pm and called customer support who transferred me to a level 2 tech. The new tech had never heard of this problem and informed me they would send out a free replacement Fedex overnight. Ok great, now i realize overnight has cut off times and 24 hours or so to process so I expected maybe a 26th or 27th delivery. I checked the site saw the order and entered the tracking into my FedEx account. All good until I checked to if the product shipped Monday, nope no shipping associated with that number so I went back to the Simplisafe site and behold FedEx had changed to USPS. Now the estimated deliverer date was sometime after new years so I called customer support, they are always super nice and she redid the order with FedEx again with overnight shipping. Tuesday comes around and yep FedEx info has again gone poof and USPS is now the shipper ok no big deal. I check again Wednesday and the package has yet to be given to usps. So, 3rd call same BS FedEx overnight will arrive Friday the same day I fly out for a month, did I forget to mention that...well i didnt forget to mention it to every customer service person. Today I checked and well you know FedEx is now USPS and sometime whenever they might give the box to them to ship it out to sit in the rain and snow for 30 days. Now here is where it gets interesting I was told my address dosent exist and thats why USPS has held the package...so sorry customer service person I called USPS and FedEx each and every time and they stated for FedEx the shipping was cancelled by the sender and as for USPS they have not received any boxes from the sender with those tracking numbers. So trying to not get terribly angry at the agent I suggested we call and speak to the shipping department as they and only they can change the shipper and they would be the department responsible for sending the base. Wait after a 10 min wait I was told SimpliSafe has no shipping department...yep I repeated it back a few times and even asked if it was Christmas magic that boxes, prints labels and supplies the shipper with the items. So now 5 shipments in and no tracking no base station no answers. I left off with maybe sending back my latest $500 purchase will get there before my base station arrives and yes it was sent to the address that doesn't exist. Maybe a call to corporate tomorrow or don't they have that either...       

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1 year ago

Update: returned to find 3 base stations neatly stacked under our outdoor furniture cover. Returned all 3 as our old base station has fixed itself. Again love the products but the farmed out customer service needs some help.

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