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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 4:34 AM

Setting up...My Keypad not connecting to base station

Setting up...My  Keypad not connecting to the base station??

Any suggestions?




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4 years ago

Do you have SS2 or SS3?

Try rebooting your base station:

1.  Unplug ac adapter from base station.
2.  For SS2, take out screw from bottom, locate battery compartment
    For SS3, take out tiny screw under ac adapter plug, twist the bottom of the base station, lift up, access batteries
3.  Take out one battery.
4.  Reinsert battery, screw, ac adapter.
(base station should announce test mode or whatever state it is in)
5.  Test a sensor or two, or, exit test mode by pressing the Menu button on the keypad.

You can also try taking out one battery from the keypad, waiting a moment, reinserting it and seeing if that works.

Try moving the base station closer to the keypad (so it has a clear "line of sight" to it).  Make sure there's no interference such as appliances, thick walls, etc.

If this doesn't help, call SS for assistance.
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