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Sunday, September 20th, 2020 5:46 PM

Setting up New Style Keychain fob with original style keypad.

I needed to purchase a new key chain fob for my system because the one I always carried broke. I have the original SimpliSafe system with the white fob. I purchase the new black colored fob available with the new SimpliSafe models. I have tried to set this up but having no luck. I'm sure I could do it if it only had a 5 digit  S/N but it has more. Did I purchase a key chain fob that is not compatible on the older keypads? What does a person do when they break one of the older white key chain  fobs? Thanks.

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4 years ago

The new keychain fob (for "SS3") do not work with the older systems.  
The old-style keychain fob is still available here:  https://simplisafe.com/extra-keychain-remote

Note that fob does not have a USB plug and cannot be used to program your system.  It is a remote fob only.

All available accessories for the "Original" system, aka "SS2" are available here when you click on "Original Simplisafe":
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