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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 3:23 AM

Second Key Pad for secure room, within home?

Is it possible to install a second keypad and door sensor (possible motion sensor), for a separate secure room, within the home. I want to be able to arm and disarm this room independent of the main home status. I don't want to pay for another system and monitoring fee.

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4 years ago

Yes you can add a second keypad like we did but it will work all in one, you cant arm that romm and not everything else. You can make sensors do what ever you want them to do for a certain room but if your asking to arm a room and not the rest of the home then no.

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4 years ago

Couldn't AC George buy a second keyboard AND base station with sensors for his separate secure room?



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4 years ago

@ride525 yes but the sensors must be on one system or the other. They can't be on both.

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4 years ago

Are you sure the sensors can't be on both? I think sevensiamesecats claims to have the same sensor(s) assigned to two different bases.

Even presuming it can, not sure that fully helps. The OP wants the safe room as an independent zone which the second base could accomplish. But, the OP doesn't want a 2nd system nor another monitoring plan so it's basically "No".

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4 years ago

They can be on every system in the world.  They ARE on each and every system you define them to.  There is no way for them to tell they are on multiple systems, and no code to deal with that even if somehow it was figured out.  And no reason why it should be avoided.

Yes, I have one system in the motorhome and one system in the house the motorhome is parked next to, and every motorhome sensor (non monitored because I'm cheap and it makes no sense while on the road) is also defined to the monitored home system and it works just as expected.  And I just got the notice on the home system that the motorhome smoke sensor battery is low.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like, to have the "safe room" monitored and secured with its own keypad, would require a additional base station and monitoring plan?

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4 years ago

That would be the simplest, most effective way.  Anything else would be a "kludge" and not work quite the way you want it to.

For instance, you could make "Home" mode actually be "safe room mode" with all other sensors turned off in that mode, then always leave the system in Home mode unless you put it "Away" mode.  Which means only the safe room would be alarmed in when not Away.  Or if you don't have any motion sensors, you can use Away both when you are home and away from home.
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