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Monday, February 3rd, 2020 5:40 PM

Reset Keypad

How do I factory reset keypad?? I have the newer version

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4 years ago

Just pull a battery out wait a few seconds put battery back in, then it will find base station. Same to reboot the base station,unplug the base station from the bottom then unscrew the little screw under back pull out one battery wait a few seconds then battery back in, plug back in.

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I did that, still required my pin to get into menu

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4 years ago

It will always ask for your pin to get into menu as this is a safety feature so not just anyone can get in and change settings. Anytime you disarm or have to go into menu you will be prompt to enter pin, its always been that way.

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4 years ago


It might help to know that the Keypad is mostly just a remote control, and the actual programming is stored in the Base Station.

Looking at your other threads, we see you're looking to reset your PIN to pass the system on to another user. You can just set it to "1234" from the Keypad Menu.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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@Johnny M I tried that it comes up with an error saying default pin and it will not set to it.

I purchased a used unit on eBay, and it's asking me for a pin I don't know how do I reset it to a new pin? 

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1 month ago

I’ve just done a software update and my keypad now keeps saying installing base station.

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Hi @dahazle
I power cycle of the Base Station & Keypad would resolve this if you are still experiencing the issue. Or in the unlikely event you will experience it again. 
If you require support to do this or would like to discuss further, please schedule a call here so that we can assist you! 

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