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Friday, February 10th, 2023 1:12 AM

Reporting in - New System

Just wanted to give an update on my system after a few months.

We have 5 Door, 14 Window, 2 Motion, 1 Smoke, and 1 indoor Camera along with the Base and Keypad.

Initially, we had two defective sensors and SS replaced them for us and all has been good.

We migrated from an old wired system that was put in when the house was built, and it became unserviceable - or at least the company monitoring it could not service it and was quoting crazy prices to upgrade it, so I decided I needed to shop around and found a great deal on SimpliSafe that was too good to not give it a try.

I really like the monitoring flexibility and the ease of enabling or disabling sensors - our old system had codes and zone numbers I had to enter that I could never remember.  And I had always wanted to be able to put sensors on our roll-up garage doors, but I didn't want to deal with turning them on and off for daytime and nighttime.  It has been really handy for setting them so they are active only when the system is in Home, but not Away so that we don't have to rush out of the garage when we leave.  And it allows me to go into garage when Home is active at night without having to disable the door to the garage sensor.  We've been pleased so far.

I would like to see some Siri integration, but compared to what we had, this is a huge improvement so far.

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1 year ago

Something you said "so that we don't have to rush out of the garage when we leave." If your system is armed with the door open, no problem. When the door closed it is then that the system starts monitoring that door and will alert if the door is opened while armed.


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1 year ago

Glad you are enjoying simplisafe and they are a wonderful company and have excellent customer service. They are always there when you need them. 

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