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Saturday, January 11th, 2020 6:09 PM

Remote door chimes and alert countdown

I have the base station on one side of the house and my bedroom is on the other, so when a door is opened it's not loud enough to wake me up. Likewise if someone sets off the alarm my first indication is when the alarm goes off.

Is there any device that I can put in my bedroom that has the door chime and the countdown? Maybe an extra keypad or remote siren? I don't want to spend the extra $$ to find out it doesn't do what I want.


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4 years ago

I had the same problem so i put another keypad in our master bedroom so i can hear it countdown plus i did add an extra siren, warning extremely loud lol but i put it outside but you can put it indoors, up to you just remember its loud.

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4 years ago

Remote Chime.  I agree that a remote chime would be very good feature to have - even if the chimes and "on-off" commands could play from each keypad in addition to the base.   Our base and one keypad are in the downstairs and our bedroom is up and cannot hear the door open chimes while upstairs.   We do have a 2nd keypad upstairs so we can hear the countdown when setting the alarm, but miss not being able to hear when doors open or confirming voice alerts when while in the upper floor.

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4 years ago

I think that the extra siren sensor does door chimes and beeps for arming.  And you can shut the alarm portion of it off if you don't want it deafening you in the middle of the night if it goes off.
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