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Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 6:00 PM

Red light INSIDE base station?

Has anyone noticed a red light inside of their base station?  It is not the notification ring, rather this light is on the inside.

I've tried customer support and they did not know any answers, google doesn't have any answers either.  

The system still works just fine (arms, disarms, updates, access through website, etc) just the odd red light.

Any ideas?

I can't figure out how to attach an image, here's a link to a web hosted picture of the red light:  https://ibb.co/ccyQ7vV



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3 years ago


Uh, am I seeing this correctly? There's a red light inside the unit so bright it's illuminating half of the top of the base station? And is maybe coming out between a gap in the top and bottom of the base station and illuminating whatever that is on the right hand bottom corner?



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3 years ago

Did your alarm go off recently?

"The lights listed below are the only colors that the Base Station will display. If you are seeing a color that is not listed try changing the lighting in the room, as this can affect the look of the colored lights.

LED Status     Description
Off                System is Unarmed.
Blue                System is Armed, Home or Away.
Amber         Update Downloading/Installing to Keypad.
Amber "Search Light"      Base Station Update Installing.
Slow Red Pulse (once every 8-10s)     Minor Error: Check Keypad for details. Examples include power outages or radio interference.
Continuous Red Pulse      Recent Alarm. Pulses for 1-2 minutes before turning solid red.
Solid Red           Recent Alarm. Remains solid until the alarm notification is dismissed on the keypad, or the system is disarmed and re-armed.
White                    Accessing menu via Keypad, Test mode.
Double White Blink          Confirmation. For example, when a keypad setting is changed.
White "Search Light"     Setup and Naming Mode or Base Station is Searching for nearby Wifi Networks."

You can also follow the instructions on accessing the internal module to see if the light is on it.  Should be pretty easy.

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3 years ago

Hi eadesdd,

Sorry that our Support didn't catch that. There's a little red LED on the cell module that can indicate errors. It's either that the cell module isn't connected to the main board properly (there's just a cable that links them), OR it's not able to reach the cell sites in your area.

Have you ever had your cell module replaced? We should do that ASAP and make sure that it's upgraded to 4G.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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3 years ago

Just an update, it was an issue with my cell module, apparently I was running on a 2G Verizon!  My upgrade has been shipped.

Thanks for the help!
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