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Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 6:59 PM

Really thinking of another company

My first experience with simplisafe was awful customer service. I called to ask one simple question. I was put on a silent hold for 15 minutes and told someone would call back. Nothing. All I wanted to know is if it is possible to get the keypad to not beep for 45 seconds when the system is armed. The rep couldn't answer me. I guess the answer is no? So now we can't arm it any time we work different schedules, lest the beeps wake us up.

Now, the keypad's batteries are low. After a whole month of having the service. I'm not replacing 2 AAs every month, that's insane. 

Anybody have a better or worse experience with another company?

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2 years ago

I have been a customer for nearly eight years (it may be eight years at this point), and I am satisfied with my decision to go with SimpliSafe above other options.


If it is the Exit Delay beeps, it is possible not to countdown audibly. My Exit Delay for Home Mode is 0 seconds (e.g., the Keypad will not beep at all when I leave). My delay in Away Mode is 45 seconds, so it beeps to let me know it is counting down to arm, but that is merely personal preference.


Although, I think you have to call in presently to have SimpliSafe reduce the Exit Delay on your behalf. I now do not know because you, the user, could do it yourself in the past. However, under a certain number (seconds), I am relatively confident SimpliSafe must initiate the change.

Regarding the Keypad, the batteries should last far longer than one month (mine last over a year with repeated daily usage, but your mileage will vary). I suggest calling SimpliSafe to troubleshoot. If they cannot fix the problem, they will replace the Keypad at no cost under warranty. Also, the Keypad takes 4 AA batteries as opposed to 2.


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2 years ago

Hi there,

I sincerely apologize for your experience. To answer the question, it is not possible to turn off the Keypad beeps. But you can change the exit delay to zero seconds, so there's no countdown at all; this is the default for Home Mode.

Here's what you would do when you need to leave the house:

  1. Open the door you want to exit through.
  2. Arm your system in Home Mode via the Keypad. You'll get a warning that a door is open.
  3. Close the door behind you. That sensor will be armed as well.

You can of course also arm the system via the SimpliSafe app or a Keyfob, when you're already outside.

As for the Keypad situation, those batteries should actually be lasting 8-12 months. A possibly culprit for rapid draining would be severe interference, which is forcing the Keypad to work harder to maintain the link with the Base Station.

Interference can be caused by dense physical objects that are literally in the way, like brick walls or metal siding, or heavy appliances. Or it could be caused by other wireless devices competing for airspace; think simple devices like remote controlled garage door openers, or wireless weather stations.

Our Support can take you through further troubleshooting, and can even replace that Keypad if necessary. If you like, you can send a direct message to @simplisafe_community and we can set up a call with an experienced agent for you.

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2 years ago

If you have the SS3 system, some people find that the keypad backlight comes on "by itself" (one theory is flickering light as from a TV) and this causes the battery life to tank.  You can turn this off, so the keypad only lights up if you push a button, which gets around the problem.

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