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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 8:14 PM

Range when adding components

I have a 3rd gen system setup in a storage unit that has power outlets but no wi-fi. It uses 2 motion sensors and an extra siren. I am notified of alarm activation via the cellular feature. I have another storage unit at the same location which is approximately 200 feet away that i want to install a keypad, motion sensors and a siren. Will this connect to the original base station in the first unit? The units are outside accessed.

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2 years ago

Hi @printertech03 ,

Our sensors do have a range of 800ft+ over open air. However, things get complicated when we factor in all the different materials the signal will have to pass through. For example, if your storage unit has metal container walls or one of those rolling garage-type doors, the signal might have a super hard time.

You mention that you already have a system set up, so before adding more components, I would suggest putting at least one of the sensors that you already have in the other unit. Then you want to leave it for a couple of days, to allow the check-ins to go through. If you don't get any error messages, you should be good to go with the additions!

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@davey_d​ I put one of the  motion sensors in the 2nd storage unit and after re-arming the system the app showed the sensor with a green check mark. I was then able to trigger the alarm with that sensor so it looks like the signals should reach. I went ahead and ordered the extra components.

Thanks for your help.

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